Dear Colleague,

Following recent changes to Data Protection Legislation and the imminent introduction of our new media system OBITUS, we have reviewed a number of our forms resulting in a significant revision of our Preliminary Notice of Cremation Form (Prelim) and deletion of the Additional Instructions Regarding Cremated Remains (A.I.R) form.

As music and other media choices made by your clients will be booked and planned using OBITUS, requirement for this information has now been removed from the Prelim. The revised form now incorporates the previous information requirements of the A.I.R. form, and importantly the Applicants instructions regarding the recycling of metal residues from the cremation and receipt of our Commemorative Memorial Products Brochure. Once indicated, these choices will require the Applicants signature on each side of the revised Prelim.

Please do not use/submit older versions of the Prelim as they don’t contain the required information and importantly your clients signed consents. The new form is now available for print off from our website.

Should you have any queries please contact the Crematorium Office.