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Arranging a Good Funeral

Questions before appointing a Funeral Director

What is Embalming?

Frequently asked Questions about Cremation & Burial

Advice & Policy - Public Health Act Funerls

Register of Public Health Act Funerals

ICCM Guiding Principles for Cremation & Burial

When Miscarriage Occurs at home

ICCM Fetal Remains Policy

Burial in Private Land

Ministry of Justice Guidance for Applicants for Cremation

Muslim Burial at Tunbridge Wells Cemetery

OBITUS Frequently Asked Questions for Funeral Directors

Forms for Cremation

Crematorium Grounds Plan

Crematorium Rules & Regulations

Preliminary Notice for Cremation (Rev. 17/6/2020)

Application Form For Cremation (Cremation Form 1) Rev. 6/4/18

Application Form for the Cremation of Body Parts (Cremation Form 2)

Application Form for the Cremation of a Stillborn Baby (Cremation Form 3)

Medical Certificate (Cremation Form 4)

Medical Certificate (Cremation Form 5)

Medical Certificate (Cremation Form 10)

Ministry of Justice Guidance to Funeral Directors (Cremation Regs 2008)

Cremation Regulations England & Wales 2008

Cremation Regulations England & Wales (Amendment) 2016

Forms for Burial 

Cemetery Plans

Cemetery Rules & Regulations

Application for the Permission to Install a Memorial and/or Additional Inscription

Ministry of Justice Application for Exhumation

Local Authorities Cemeteries Order 1977

How to choose a grave

All Fees inclusive of VAT at 20% where applicable. Please Note: All Interment and Exclusive Rights of Burial fees will be increased by 100% where the deceased person resided outside the Borough of Tunbridge Wells.